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About me
As a complementary therapist I uphold the belief that illness, whether that be
physical or mental, is caused by imbalance and the body which is functioned to restore balance will attempt to heal itself.
Using relaxing mind and body therapies I help clients to tap into their own bodies' healing resources to assist this balancing process.
What makes me tick is witnessing the profound changes that can happen when people take the time to invest in themselves e.g. in activities that maintain long term emotional and physical well being. These don't have to be expensive or time-consuming; a little bit of self-pampering is sometimes enough to make a positive difference to the way we feel, both physically and mentally. 
The problem is that some people don't feel they deserve these things. Sadly too, as people get older and stressed out with work and family responsibilities they can often lack the energy, motivation or confidence to participate in activites they enjoy or socialise with people who make them feel good.  And the longer this happens the harder it seems to change.
However it doesn't have to be that way.  It's easy to make changes, given the right context.  My passion is in using all that I have learned over the years to create that context within which you and others can make the changes you desire, leading you towards a balanced, peaceful state. 
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