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Development Courses
I regularly deliver my own "GET THE LIFE YOU WANT" course and associated workshops for public sector clients.  To date these include: Fife Council, Fife Women's Technology Centre, Carnegie College and BRAG.  
Initially Fife Council approached me with a request to create a course for people in regeneration areas who are a bit "stuck", with the aim of moving them on into further training or employment.  I took that to mean a fun and enjoyable course that would remind participants of the amazing talents and skills they have.  My aim was to create a safe environment where participants could explore new ways of thinking. 
Everyone has untapped potential so the ultimate goal for me was to ensure the participants were stimulated and motivated to get using their abundant skills and talents, so they could enjoy rewarding and fulfilling lives, choosing to go in whatever direction they wanted with confidence.   
And so evolved my "Get the Life You Want" course, covering topics such as:
  • The power of the mind
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Managing change
  • Facing fears and overcoming anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Goal setting and goal getting
  • Self esteem and body image
  • Confidence
  • Performance anxiety
  • Communication skills
  • Relaxation
  • Health and well being
  • Reinvention room
  • Complementary therapies
Feedback, or as I like to think of it "feed-forward",  has been tremendous; both from the course participants and my clients - see testimonials below.  
Attendees benefit by learning through an accelerated learning strategy (sounds fancy but just means learning unconsciously and quickly whilst having fun) using the most up to date NLP tools and techniques, EFT, Complementary Therapies, Breathing exercises, visualisation and more.
The fantastic thing about NLP and EFT is that these are content free therapies which means that attendees can achieve great results without having to disclose any personal information.  Having said that attendees tend to bond so well, and
feel so safe with the encouragement and support from their fellow attendees
and myself, that most freely and openly talk about their own difficulties as they
learn to overcome these.
If you'd like to find out more drop me an email or call me.
A really comprehensive personal development programme which the group really responded to.  Challenging negative thinking and a fixed mindset, it contained a good mix of group discussion, practical exercises and information that participants could take away and put into practice.  Highly recommeded for those who are lacking in self confidence and self belief.
Anne Crawford, Development Worker, FWTC
"You are a fantastic mentor and are a really genuine, caring person. 
Thank you  - I feel like a friend has helped me. x "
 "You are a great support.  You have a good heart, open and accepting, non-judgemental and tolerant.  Thanks Linda X"
"Get The Life You Want....Well I'm certainly getting there...!
This course has been fantastic!  From session 1 I have been absolutely amazed
with the change I have created within myself.  Linda has been inspiring and an excellent tutor, and she has taught me not only to value the life I have, but to
be positive, and enthusiastic about the journey into my future.  I have realised
that the values I hold dear shape my future, and by taking these on
positivitely, I can have exactly what I want in life.
In just 8 weeks I have experienced big life changes.  As you know my eating
habits have changed and I no longer crave or eat junk food for comfort, I am
so much relaxed and recently diffused a potentially explosive situation, and I
now think of men differently and for the first time in 6 years I am open to
the idea of having a relationship, and I have undergone minor surgey as for the first time in my life I had the confidence to seek help for a problem that I had been bothering me since childhood - amazing!  
I now belive in myself.  I know I can achieve my dreams.  I can visualise me
there; the smile, the excitement, the adrenalin, the ecstatic feeling when I've reached that goal...only to think up my next one....the sky is the limit"
" Wish I could bottle you and carry you with me.  You are an inspiration.  I
strive to have your enthusaism.  Thank you so much for everything. 
You are wonderful!!!"
"Linda, thank you for all the hard work you have put into the classes.
I have enjoyed them immensely; you are so enthusistic and upbeat about the
information you pass on - you inspire.
I can honestly say you HAVE made my life better because you've given me the
tools to make my life better.
I am more confident about my future; I know HOW to change it for the improvement of all - not just me but for my boys too.  If I have any doubts I
only have to think of you and your teachings.  I won't stress out anyway as
we're all "works in progress" (does that make you the foreman?). 
Many, many, thanks X "
"Linda, you are unique!   You have opened up a whole new world of
possibilities. Thank you XX"
"Linda, a wee gift just to thank you for this amazing journey,  I am so
inspired by your motivation, poistivity and courage, and I am loving the
person I have become. Thankyou so much! XXX"
"You are really great, thanks for all your help and guidance".
"This course has been a positive experience for me.  I wasn't sure what to expect but have really enjoyed it. 
As well as making new friends I have strengthened existing friendships. 
I have started to make time for myself and don't see saying "no" as letting people down anymore.
I am encouraging my daughter (who has low self esteem due to dyslexia) to use daily affirmations.  This has helped her to look at the good things she has to offer and not always the negative things.
I am more accepting of others now that I understand that we all have different values and beliefs and that is why we are all different.
I have really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone,  even if  they are not sure what they would get from it.  I have learned a lot about myself during this time and am looking forward, with confidence and excitement to what lies ahead." 
__________________________________________________________   "I found the "Get the Life You Want" course thoroughly enlightening and valuable to get a clear picture of where I am in my life and where I would like to be going.
The subjects covered were interesting and relevant to many aspects of life.  The tools shown to us are easily put into practice and do work!!
Lastly I'd like to pass on my appreciation to you, Linda, as a teacher and mentor.  You are approachable, patient and caring; your explanations were clear and we covered an amazing amount in the course of the classes.  Thank you again." 
"hi there! thought it was time i dropped you a wee line again. hope you are well and enjoying 2011. i am finally on fife council supply list and getting paid for some of the work i do at the school (been there 8 years and paid for 2 days so far!!! - but its a start) still facing lifes ups and downs head on (most of the time). looking into an open university course starting in october and going to do my placement at lumphinnans. really need to arrange a catch up at some point. xx"
“Linda is there, really helpful, understanding, supporting of what was said, and didn’t judge anybody on what they said”
“Linda's really good, felt I could sit and talk things out with her, she made things easier”
“Linda's confident yet willing to help anyone, good at her profession” 
"she instilsconfidence” 
 “Linda, you're a pleasant, kind woman; nothing bad to say about you” 
 “Linda, I thought you were brilliant” 
 “Linda's happy and friendly, makes you feel at ease!” XX 
“Linda's really helpful”
“I feel more alive” 
“After you spoke about that women who wore a dress after 10 years, I wore one and felt self-conscious.  But after a couple of times I actually went and bought a pair of jean shorts. People at work said it was a miracle, they’ve noticed an increase in my self-esteem” 
“Helped me look at my problems in a different light” 
“Felt more confident, not as depressed, have had a joke and laugh over the last few weeks” 
“I learned a lot of things like how to deal with stress in my own personal life.  I use the tapping and the hand-outs. Writing things down has helped.  I still find it hard sometimes but I keep going back and looking at my notes which help”
"I’'ve started to look at small wee jobs that I can do, and find out what I am qualified for.  A lot of confidence has come from the course and my counselling sessions” 
“My wee boy seems to be a lot calmer because I’m more relaxed and not so tense”
“I still write things in my bravo book”
“My confidence is up, there is a change” (confidence increased from 5 to 7/10 and self-esteem from 5 to 9/10)
“I’ve got more concentration” 
I’ve been out a lot more, I’ve been to a Christmas Fare, to see my grandparents etc" 
 “I WILL achieve mygoals”
 “I now know I have in me the tools and happiness to achieve my goals” 
 “I enjoyed the time line thing, it brought it into perspective and gave me a proper goal to try and achieve now”
 “Definitely feel ready to look for work opportunities” 
"I am going to change my way I deal with situations and learn not to over dramatise things” 
"I enjoyed assessing our feelings and behaviour in contrasting events, the way we look at a situation can be changed, our outlook can be changed”
“I know I have to change how I think and that I can change my emotional state through self- belief.  And that others go through thesesame problems” 
“My difficulty is on meeting new people and coming on the course helped that”
“It’s going to help with my wee boy a lot”
“I’m more self-awarenow" 
" Enjoyed the interaction between people”
“I enjoyed meeting new people” 
“I enjoyed working with the “nightmare sheet” and turning my negative images into a positive state” 
“I think I will use most of the leaflets that I got today to help overcome fears I have for going forward in my life”
“Going forward I will use the turning the negative “voices” in my head and replacing it with a cartoon one” 
“I see my self-esteem increasing by putting myself first for a change (ocassionally)”
“I'm aware of techniques to change negative to positive thinking, I’ll use these to help change my thinking and behaviour" 
“I will change my outlook on life”
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