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Low confidence and self esteem 
"I thought going to hypnotherapy was mental. I felt like a twat but thought what have I got to lose.  I was low and in a bad place when I went.  I didn't know what to expect but when Linda opend the door and spoke to me she put me at easy right away.  She listend to what I had to say and understood which was good because I didn't understand what I was trying to say but she knew, and all the hints and tips she gave me worked.  It took a week or two but I was finally me again.  She was great and I could never repay her for whats she's done for me.  It's like she gave me my life back and I would recommend her to any one.  Thanks again Linda"  K, ex-army, Dunfermline

Weight Loss
"Hypnotherapy for weight loss - it really works!  After just one session I found that my cravings for all things chocolate had disappeared and my mind-set around food has definitely changed.  An added bonus is that it was really relaxing too.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and needs that extra help to get started."  AC Dunfermline
Met Linda a couple of weeks back felt low under a lot of stress and was using wine in evening to unwind and  reward and it was becoming a bad habit which concerned me.  After a meeting with Linda I have never had a wine or drink since then .  Feel better and broke my habit  immediately Thank you Linda"       bb fife

"I was a total chocoholic before seeing Linda. I could have eaten chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I decided that enough was enough and went to see Linda on recommendation. I didn't know what to expect to be honest. But I am still amazed that I have not had one piece of chocolate in over a month now. I have no desire for it. My husband is amazed that he can eat a bar of chocolate beside me and I leave him to eat it all. I am delighted that I have cut chocolate out but the best bit is I don't miss it one little bit". MR, Canada
Coaching Clients
 "Linda has a warm approach to her clients. This caring attitude shines through in everything she undertakes.  NLP is a fantastic, fast and fruitful process to go through.  The exercises make sense and make change for the better quickly and effectively.  Don’t worry about the inner workings of it all - step off the kerb and go for it. You can expect good things." Fiona McCabe, Midlothian Women’s Aid
Emotional Issues
"Linda is one of the nicest, calmest, most caring people I have ever met and it was really nice being around her when I was feeling so emotionally torn apart.  It was fantastic having Linda's experience, help and friendship when I most needed it.  From my experience with Linda, she has a natural knack of asking the right questions, and finding a solution to help with whatever problems I was facing.  Linda makes NLP & hypnosis seem so ordinary which is very reassuring to those who are a little skeptical about how it works." Julie, Consultant, Edinburgh
Anxiety & Compulsive Behaviour
I had suffered with an anxiety related problem for over 60 years when I sought help from Mrs. Riddell.  To my amazement I am now free of it.  Although I had tried traditional forms of therapy in the past (including CBT) and received some benefit from these, my problem was still persisting and debilitating. 
Linda was very easy to talk to and in a single session she was able to explain how my thoughts were going in the wrong direction and taught me to think differently; which stopped the problem that afternoon.  I was, and still am, amazed!  Thank you Linda.”  DB, Retired, Dunfermline
Anxiety & Blushing
"I had been dealing with an confidence related problem for the last 10 years which limited me to a lot of things.  I couldn't go out with friends or socialize with people without getting anxious and feeling self conscious.  I dreaded going to work and places where a lot of other people were.  I started to believe that this was how my life was suppose to be and I would never feel happy again. 
I had heard about hypnosis but I didn't believe something like that could help me but I was wrong, its the best decision I have ever made.  I got in touch with Linda and made an appointment for a one-to-one session which lasted 2 hours. 
After the session I felt great.  I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling.  My problem was gone -  it was such an amazing feeling.  It has been six weeks since the treatment and I have never felt better.  I feel alive again.  I have had so many comments from family and friends about how much I have changed since the session its almost as if I am a different person.  I am always happy and smiling and socializing with other people and nothing holds me back.  I cant wait to see what the future holds. 
Linda has shown me that no matter what problems you have in life there is always light at the end of the tunnel and life doesn't have to be that way.  
Linda has changed my life and she can do the same for you.  I highly recommend Linda she is such an amazing person." NW, Cowdenbeath
Flying Phobia
"Just wanted you to know that I'm looking forward to my holiday's this year.  After we talked through fear of flying and did the tapping, that really helped and I was fine for New York.  I'll let you know how it goes in July :) x"
CD, Schoolgirl, Dunfermline
Spider Phobia
"I found Linda to be very supportive and encouraging towards me in her role as a facilitator on the intensive NLP course I attended.  Linda specifically used some tools of NLP to help me to face my fear of spiders (large ones in particular).  Linda`s professional approach enabled me to confront my fear of holding a tarantuala without feeling anxious.  I did this for a few minutes which amazed me.  Since then, although I haven`t come into contact with a tarantuala , I have come into
contact with spiders and my anxiety levels are virtually non exisitent now.   So a big thankyou Linda - I would highly recommend Linda as a practitioner of NLP." DJ, University, Careers Adviser 
"Having tried several times over the last 17 years to stop smoking using Patches, Chewing Gum, Inhalators and Acupuncture, I decided as a last resort to try hypnosis.  I didn't like the thought of hypnosis so had never tried it before.  On the way to Linda's I smoked 4 cigarettes thinking they would be my last but still knowing deep down that I didn't think it would work and that I could use that as an excuse later when I wanted a fag. 
On arriving at Linda's she immediately made me feel welcome and at ease.  We made our way to the lounge where Linda asked me questions about my smoking habits and about my life and family (I'm still thinking this is not working and when will it be over so I can have a fag).   After our discussion Linda was going to put me under and stop me smoking for good.  While listening to some music I felt relaxed and Linda talked to me about our previous discussion and my reasons for not wanting to smoke. After an hour which felt like about five minutes we were done and Linda asked me how I felt and said that she would keep in touch and off I went.  I went out to the car and thought well that didn't work and went to light a fag, at that point I decided that I wasn't giving it a chance and put the fag back in the packet.
That was over two months ago now and I still haven't had a fag!  I have no urges and do not feel stressed in any way.  My wife says that she can't believe it but no one is more surprised than me, coming from a 20 a day habit to 0 in two hours is exactly what happened to me and as I said before I Can't Believe it. Money well spent. Cheers," BM, Banker, Leven       
"P.S I haven't even needed to Listen to the CD."
Phobia of Slopes & Fear of Riding a Bike re balance issue
 (30 minutes impromptu session)
I had to write and thank you for the therapy on Monday.  After 50 years of being unable to ride a bike, the thought of anyone actually making me believe I could ride a bike was just a laugh, but the laugh was on me.  I went out to the practice and struggled to get both feet on the pedals but for the first time, never, ever, felt that I would fall off the bike.  As I started and lifted my feet off the ground I realised I was on a slope freewheeling, the sun shining and the wind blowing my hair back.  WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING.  By the end of the lesson I could guide the bike and balance and use the brakes to stop.  It did not just work for me but for a colleague who was about to go on a bike for the first time in his life.  He is now looking for a cheap bike to buy.
The feeling of being able to conquer the world has lasted all week.  I have a much more positive outlook and nothing is too difficult for me to accomplish.
I thank you for making me change my thinking from negative to positive.
What did I achieve from the therapy - A SENSE OF BALANCE!
I don't mind you using my name or the photograph of me with my new bike.  I am telling everyone as I have nothing to be embarrassed about.  Friends were amazed at what I achieved, as they have seen me panic on a walk, when I approached a down slope, so for me to freewheel on a bike down a slope was truly unbeleievable!!.  THANK YOU”  Margaret McL, Volunteer, Dunfermline
Fear of jumping after being thrown by a horse three times
I want to thank you for your help with my jumping. I was really struggling with the whole thing, not being able to walk over a pole on the ground without fear and wanting to throw up after being able to jump 4ft without a care was a huge problem. 
Breaking my ribs 3 times and having nerve damage in my hip has definatly put me off, being thrown those 3 times.
I went home from yours that day and for the 1st time in 9 months I trotted over poles on the ground and cantered over a couple of small jumps. I was so overjoyed.  My friend Fiona was amazed, we were both crying.
I dont know what you did but it has helped, it does not work by itself, you do have to work at it and make yourself do these things, i still feel abit unsure whilst jumping but so much better. i listen to my cd everynight in my bed. I am not going back to that same place i was in before.   I am also going to a small show before the end of the year.  Thank you very much for your help. I will keep you updated.  Elaine x
Dentist fear
(5 minute impromptu session)
"My first experience with Linda and NLP was purely by chance.  Linda and I met on a First Aid Course and I mentioned that I was having a tooth pulled the next day and needless to say was not looking forward to it. I attend the dentist reguraly but have not had a tooth pulled for over 20 years and that was a rather traumatic experience.  When Linda told me what she did and about NLP I was willing to try anything to calm me down.  She advised that she prefers to give 15 minutes minimum but a quick 5 min might help.
Linda was very positive and has a very calming voice which quickly helped me to relax.  She gave me a few pointers to remember and I can honestly say I felt very relaxed even up to the point of sitting in the chair and having the injection, however Icould feel the panic start when the dentist advised she was about to pull the tooth but remembered Linda's words, went back to where I wanted to be and before I knew it the tooth was out.  Unfortunately I had to go back the following week and have another one pulled but everything she said stayed with me.  I have tried reflexology, reki and various other things as I find them interesting but have never had anything done for a particular purpose.  I will definately go back to Linda and hope she does well.  I will also be happy to recommend her to friends." S O'B, Glenrothes
Relationship Problems
"I would like to say to anyone who is having trouble with an issue in their life not to think twice about contacting Linda, just make that call. Dont waste any more time trying to resolve things yourself.

Linda has helped me beyond my expectations.  My mum was my problem.  The feeling of not being able to connect with her in a meaningful adult conversation. She always wants to talk about herself, and shows not a lot of interest in what my husband, children and myself are doing in our lives.  Always a one sided conversation.  She will be 80 next year, is in good health, and sound of mind.  I was feeling very uncomfortable about how unsatisfactory my relationship was with her.   I had a session with Linda and she made me realise that things between mum and I are never going to change.  However, she did make me realise that I could change the way I viewed mum and with Linda's help, I now accept her, and realise I cannot change her, but can change myself.  I always have my "Pink Fluffy Tummy" in when I visit her, and so far its worked every time, 100%.  So thank you Linda for the "Knowledge" I feel sure I will use it in my journey through life.
Lovely to see you today and thank you once again. You are one of lives little diamonds.  Keep up the good work. Kinds Regards", Mrs Pink & Fluffy / Liz Rice
Relationship problems
Linda is a skilled therapist who gets right to the heart of the problem and effects real and measurable change, in a friendly, fun, safe and secure environment. I would highly recommend her.  PB, Edinburgh
Unlocking hidden resources
"I had 3 meetings on Wednesday - all to do with potential work coming in - and all went really well with outcomes in place already, so isn't that brilliant!  Whatever we did together - and I remember how good it felt, certainly did the trick!  I'm still buzzing and shared some of my learning yesterday with teachers at a conference I had organised, with very positive responses.  I've had a really busy week and I'm still processing what happened over the 5 days and need to take some time this weekend to organise my thoughts and make sure I keep hold of all the valuable stuff I learned and the great experiences, such as the ones I had with you.  Thanks again for your great input and support, it's made a big difference.  Will keep in touch and let you know how things progress. Cheers" Morag Kerr founder of
Pain Relief & relaxation (using Reiki and Reflexology)
"Linda is a special person, so kind, considerate and caring. I have been to her for both reflexology and reiki sessions which have been  a very enjoyable experience.  Linda's administration of reiki is the best relaxation technique I have ever experienced and wonderful for pain relief.  I am left with a feeling of total well being
She is an especially gifted person and I have no hesitation in recommending that you contact Linda and find out for yourself. Sincerely" PH, Retired, Dunfermline 
Eczema & Oedema relief (using Indian Head Massage & Reflexology)
"Having had a problem with one leg and foot since suffering an operation on my achilles tendon and a subsequent attack of cellulitis which left a swollen discoloured area from my foot to 9 inches above my ankle, I was interested to see if Reflexology would help. 
During the time that I have been having fortnightly treatments with Linda, the swelling of my foot and leg has subsided until it has decreased dramatically.  Not only that but the skin on both my feet has benefited from the massaging of balms and the wonderfully relaxing treatment is something I look forward to as "me time".  I originally was worried about uncovering my feet for the treatment, but I am not embarrassed by the condition of my feet now. 
One session of Indian Head Massage also improved the condition of my scalp and eliminated the itch from eczema, as well as being a wonderful experience, and I look forward to repeating it in the future.
Linda is a pleasant caring person and I have gained so much more from her visits than I was expecting." AH, Retired, Rosyth
Infertility (and reflexology)
"The first words that come to mind about my reflexology treatments offered by Linda Riddell are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I am a wife and mother of two and very rarely get time to myself. 
Linda was warm, caring and very friendly and welcomed me into her home.  Her house was very clean and relaxing; it smelt inviting with the soft fragrance smells coming from candles, she also had a soothing CD on, it all helped me relax so much I didn't want to go home. 
She started of the session by asking me if I had any health problems, I told her that my husband and i were having problems conceiving another child.  She told me that she would try to do a little extra on areas that may help with my reproductive system, but she did point out that I should also take steps to get medical advice as we already have two children, but low and behold after a year and half of trying without success, and only weeks after my 5 treatments with Linda were up, I fell pregnant.  I don't know if it is a coincidence or not. but if not I'd still like to say a big thank you to Linda.
For me that 45 minutes/1 hour a week was heaven and I am very grateful to her for giving me time to relax and enjoy a little pampering." SK, mum, Rosyth
Induced labour for client wishing a home birth (uisng relaxation, visualisation & reflexology)
"Thank you very much for working your magic today Linda.  I went into labour during the night and had a wee girl at 8am yesterday morning at home:) - exatly as I wanted". K, Mum, Rosyth
Pain relief & sports improvement using Holistic Massage
"That was a brilliant massage you gave me last week. I'm still benefiting from it as the pain I had been suffering for a year in my right hamstring has now gone.  I only realised this on Saturday morning when I had just ran a personal best time in training and realised that I was running pain free." George Hunter, reigning 1500 metres, British Champion, Dunfermline
Re-learning Relaxation using Holistic Massage
"Following on from our discussion, just wanted to reiterate how good I felt after my massage last week.  I really 'went' to a place I hadn't been for such a long time.  I didn't actually think I could relax again. The whole experience was so invigorating - can't wait till the next one! LD, Dunfermline
Wellbeing thorugh Reflexology
"Do your feet ever ache with tiredness?  A visit to Linda is worth every penny: she's so thorough in kneading out every tiny muscle and nodule of your foot, the benefits of which are felt all over your body." LH, Self-employed, Dalgety Bay
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